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◎Elevation: 3402m
◎ 8.5 km from the trail entrance
◎ Type: 2-story steel construction
◎ Lodging Fee : $480 NTD per person per night
Paiyun Lodge Rules and Regulations
◎ Facilities:
1. Electricity available from 6-8 pm, powered by sunlight and electrical generator.
2. Water supply: plenty; might be short during winter due to dry season/frozen pipes.
3. Toilet inside and outside the lodge.
4.The electricity of Paiyun Lodge is limited. For safety concern, do not unplug the emergency light or other facilities in order to charge phones. Please prepare power bank if you need to charge your phone.
◎For the public safety, it is not allowed for individual or groups to build a fire, grill, or pitch a tent, etc. at Paiyun Lodge and 30m around the Lodge. Visitors could only boil water with a simple appliance to make tea, coffee, or heat instant food.
◎There is no water dispenser at Paiyun Lodge. Hot drinking water is provided during 1:30-2:30am, 7-9am, and 2-5pm.
◎There are no campgrounds in the vicinity of Paiyun Lodge. No camping is permitted around the lodge.
◎There might be rock slides when passing gravel slope located on the way from Paiyun Lodge to Yushan Main Peak. Helmets are available at Paiyun Lodge for borrowing.
A brief introduction of how to apply for Paiyun Lodge
◎TWD97 Position: 120°56’58.83 East Longitude, 23°27’59.77 North Latitude
◎TWD97TM2: X Coordinate-244859, Y Coordinate-2595954
◎Communications satellites:6

Water source :Yes、

Phone Reception:GSM、Handheld Transceiver、Satellite phone number、