Yushan Draw Results

The draw result of Yushan Trails Day Hike (Tataka - Yushan Trails -Tataka ).May 19, 2024
The number of applicants registered for the draw (including postal application): 193 [61 teams]
The number of applicants:60 [19 teams]
List of teams is shown below:
TeamName:H*U0519   Team Leader:徐*誠   A total of1person(s)
TeamName:合* 1130519   Team Leader:吳*彬   A total of1person(s)
TeamName:W*的兩人小組20240519   Team Leader:廖*廷   A total of2person(s)
TeamName:登*山 要排隊   Team Leader:李*鼎   A total of7person(s)
TeamName:單*玉山5/19   Team Leader:邱*忠   A total of7person(s)
TeamName:真*很想爬玉山後4峰一玉單0519   Team Leader:林*羽   A total of3person(s)
TeamName:民*0519   Team Leader:薛*文   A total of3person(s)
TeamName:台*安南台江   Team Leader:李*和   A total of2person(s)
TeamName:三*上山0519   Team Leader:林*建   A total of3person(s)
TeamName:深*吉妍   Team Leader:黃*吉   A total of2person(s)
TeamName:再*不爬了0519   Team Leader:蘇*晃   A total of3person(s)
TeamName:鄭*下西洋上玉山   Team Leader:鄭*和   A total of2person(s)
TeamName:我*友第一次單登上玉山   Team Leader:施*宏   A total of7person(s)
TeamName:C*imbing friends May 19   Team Leader:Y*nnik Gartmann   A total of5person(s)
TeamName:叡*組隊1130519   Team Leader:黃*叡   A total of4person(s)
TeamName:0*19玉山GLST   Team Leader:魏*一   A total of2person(s)
TeamName:三*小豬F1130519   Team Leader:李*容   A total of2person(s)
TeamName:2*0519JY   Team Leader:葉*杰   A total of1person(s)
TeamName:體*人生團   Team Leader:楊*樞   A total of3person(s)

* It’s required to apply a mountain entry permit as well to go into mountain control area according to National Security Law. Learn more details: http://mountain.ysnp.gov.tw/english/CP_how.aspx. Apply to National Police Agency (+886-223-577-377, http://eli.npa.gov.tw/E7WebO/index02.jsp), Yushan National Park Police Corps (+886-492-775-110), or local police station close to trail entrance.