Violation checks
Modifiers Date:2024/04/10 Released by:Shei-pa National Park Headquarters

Violation check

1. The park entry application system will check for blacklist records during the application, and use it as a basis in the approval process.

2. In the following circumstances, we will stop the team leader and the member’s online application qualification for admission. If there is any objection, you may file an appeal:

(1) Removal of eligibility for online park entry application for half a year: a. Cancellation of park entry application is not made online 5 day before the date of entry. b. Using a bed without application or not according to regulations, even if consent is given by the site manager or volunteer at the campground due to safety concerns. c. Violation of“Application Regulations of Entry Permit for Different Grades of Trails in the Shei-Pa National Park Conservation Areas”

(2) Removal of eligibility for online park entry application for one year: a. Violation of Article 19 of the National Park Law by entering without permit, or entering using other person’s identity, or where the leader is absent. b. Violation of announced prohibitions within Shei-Pa National Park.

(3) Removal of eligibility for online park entry application for three years: a. Group leader fails to take the responsibilities of supervision and assurance with regard to the regulations of the Conservation Areas, and fails to pay attention to the team’s safety. b. If personnel safety is threatened, social resources are wasted, or other major incidents happened as a result of personal behavior.

(4) In addition, violations of the National Park Law and prohibited matters announced by this department will be fined in accordance with the regulations.