Modifiers Date:2018/09/10 Released by:CPAMI

Position introduction:

  • Trail head: mountaineering entrance
  • Mountain house or camp: the last position every day
  • General position: except the Trail head and camping sites


Step 1: Select the position.


Step 2: Select the position until the route of first day is completed, press [End a day]

Please note: the last position of the day must be a mountain house or camp


Step 3: Repeat steps 1 and 2 until the route planning for all days is completed.

Please note: the last position on the last day must be a Trail head.


Tip 1: If you select the wrong position, press [Return to previous site] to cancel the previous position.


Tip 2: If the content of the trip needs to be cleared and reordered, you can press [Re-plan] to clear all positions.